CiPharma partners with you developing a streamlined, cost effective and customized results focused approach targeting the areas that represent the highest business and compliance risk to your organization.

We provide your company with access to crucial market data on customer experiences and views of your product. CiPharma also protect your Intellectual Property (IP) and product integrity as well as offering regulatory compliance and validation services. 

CiPharma’s services include assessment, training, quality auditing, GMP consultancy and management in the validation of environmental monitoring systems, building management systems, manufacturing, processing and packaging equipment and automated business systems (MES, laboratory, IT).

Our service areas include:

Data Mining

Life sciences focused brand intelligence solution that analyze views from your global customer base. Our system makes sense of the vast, unstructured Web of content, distilling real-time insights from patients’ opinions and attitudes, helping you answer pressing questions about individual products and your brand.

GMP Services

GMP compliance and quality consulting services, training, auditing and sourcing solutions for the life sciences industry. Our consulting services include PIC/s, FDA and EMA GMP compliance advice that is based on cost-effective and practical compliance approaches suited to work with and meet your business demands.

Intellectual Property

We help you overcome Intellectual Property (IP) challenges typically faced when bringing new products to market. Support you in commercial and product liability litigation as well as investigations to mitigate your financial and legal exposure.


Training and consultancy services for public sector clients range from team training in compliance standards to consultancy in the assessment of national medicines regulatory systems and National Medicines Regulatory Authorities (MRAs).