Data Mining

CiPharma provide brand intelligence services that analyze views from your global customer base. Our life sciences focused service makes sense of the vast, unstructured Web of content, distilling real-time insights from patients’ opinions and attitudes, helping you answer pressing questions about individual products and your brand.



Understand the the Patient

Identify patients’ key concerns without knowing what questions to ask has been established as a key issue for many organizations, CiPharma’s Web2 algorithms extract relevant information from unmediated patient voices on forums and blogs.

With extensive expertise in healthcare and semantic analysis, CiPharma triangulates consumer behavior by drawing on medical terminology and patients’ own language to interpret discussions about conditions and medications, thereby helping develop organizational strategy.



Understand Patient Behaviors

The need to understand the drivers for patients switching from other brands to yours or from your brand to a competitor provides a competitive advantage for all organizations. CiPharma analyzes online discussions concerning drug switching and presents data both at a high level (e.g. percentage that discuss switching from/to your brand) and a more granular interpretation that drills into why the switches occurred. This crucial information provides messaging direction for customer retention and education campaigns.



Gain Competitive Insights

Accelerate your competitive intelligence program by letting an accurate and timely understanding of patient requirements help navigate the pharma terrain. Patients can typically pinpoint their reasons for sticking with a treatment or running to the competition, and they share these insights in online forums. CiPharma provides a “user experience score” for your brand and its competitors, but more importantly it provides different scores for different indications or topics.


Extract the Right Messages

Tailor your product positioning and marketing messages to patients’ concerns and desires by understanding what they say about your brand or that of your competitor’s. CiPharma automatically identifies the perception gaps between your brands and competitors, letting you distill concepts that resonate strongly with your target audience.


Expend Effort into the Right Places

Prioritize your digital budget based on where your customers are most active. CiPharma   analyzes posts and sites to automatically identify and rank the relevant blogs and forums where patients are reading and sharing about your brand and its competitors. CiPharma also ranks sites per patient-discussed topic, allowing you to target specific messages in each venue.


Engage in Real Time

Get updated in real time for every patient post on the topics you follow, allowing you to respond immediately. CiPharma’s big data analytics are constantly collecting, parsing and semantically analyzing the growing volume of patient posts, to bring you the most relevant information into your feeds the moment it occurs.