Product Integrity

Counterfeit drugs pose a significant risk to consumers and manufacturers, presenting potentially life threatening health risks to consumers as well as reputational, financial and legal exposure for pharmaceutical manufacturers. CiPharma provide investigative, educational, legal and reporting system support to distributors and manufactures.

Additional services include robust supply chain and process integration with emphasis on the “Last Mile”. We work with you to ensure end-to-end transportation of therapeutics under strict temperature controls within the time constraints of pharmaceutical product requirements. Internationally, CiPharma has the expertise to provide transportation within the cold chain, providing verifiable quality, tracking and control through ground and air.

FDA examples of counterfeit drug entering vulnerable supply chains include:

Tamiflu – front

Real & Fake Tamiflu_front

Tamiflu – back

Real & Fake Tamiflu_back





Lipitor – front

Real & Fake Lipitor_front







Lipitor – back

Real & Fake Lipitor_back