Facility design review

Getting an independent GMP review of your facility design is a great insurance policy – before the concrete is poured or you’ve signed the property lease.

Many companies incur considerable expense on remediation of their facility after it’s been completed in order to meet GMP requirements. They could have made considerable savings by undertaking a GMP review of their design before construction started or lease agreement..

Design reviews and qualifications of facilities and equipment

CiPharma can help you with the:

  • design
  • design review
  • selection and,
  • installation of facilities and equipment.

Our experienced GMP engineers review your facility design or develop plant designs in conjunction with your construction company.They will ensure that you comply with the relevant GMP guidelines / standards and can interpret the GMP guidelines to suit your product type and markets that you supply your product to.

Balancing operational efficiencies and sustainability demands with GMP

In addition to considering the GMP aspects of the design, our engineers may suggest design changes that will improve the efficiency of your operations or reduce GMP risk. For example, with many companies trying to reduce their greenhouse emissions, keeping airflow running in cleanrooms, even during periods of non-use, is no longer acceptable. We recommend including a night-switch in the HVAC design so that the air flow can be reduced to the lowest level necessary to meet GMP requirements when the room is not in use.

Our consultants use their experience from many sites to ensure that critical parameters that impact product quality are considered during this process. We’ve seen what works and what definitely doesn’t.

Selecting contractors

CiPharma also manage the provision of engineering or building services, we can help you select the best suppliers for the job. We advise that our inclusion at the start of projects as remediation has cost far more than the cost of effective management and deployment of a supplier with the right knowledge and experience.