Phase One Services

CiPharma have supported and managed Phase I Units for early phase research and generic drug development for over 15 years. Whether your operate 3rd party operated or in-house units we can provide management solutions for any structure.

Our close relationship with providers enable you to access external units housed within private or group practices, dedicated research sites, and hospitals. These sites offer access to a diverse range of healthy volunteers and patient populations.

Research Center Management & Support

We understand the management of Phase I Units in state-of-the-art facilities needed to conduct your phase I/IIa studies. The average size unit we manage covers 5000 square feet with over 100 beds. CiPharma also assure and manage adjoining research centers including  24-hour laboratories and pharmacies, private/semi-private male and female dormitories with showers, kitchens, study rooms, indoor/outdoor recreation areas and group activities.

Medical Equipment Support and Capabilities

CiPharma provide training and support capabilities for testing equipment to conduct all forms of early phase research from first-in-human with healthy normals to proof-of-concept with special populations.

Our experienced clinical specialists provide controlled Pharmacokinetic & pharmacodynamics, safety, and tolerability studies working together help gain approval for your new compound for further testing. If required we can support you in larger drug interaction studies, dose-ranging studies, assessments of various routes of administration, and testing on demographically diverse disease populations to establish efficacy.

Research Training, Expertise and Support

Medical Staff

Our specialists attend at client sites, providing expertise, subject matter knowledge and training for research teams to call on, allowing them to focus on the safety and care of volunteers and patients.

The CiPharma full turnkey services also include management and support of sites requirements including physician investigation, nurse coordination, pharmacy, lab services and patient care.

Healthy Normals

In addition to training and supporting Phase I Units medical personnel, CiPharma also provide specialist consultancy and subject matter expertise by resources with extensive research backgrounds in early phase trials and study experience gained from working with healthy normals.

Disease Populations

CiPharma assesses and manages the safety and tolerability of study drugs in healthy normals. We support research throughout the study in various patient populations. CiPharma resources have experience of treating a variety of special patient populations across all therapeutic areas.